About Us

Our channel is one of the most popular channel in Kerala which is broadcasted from Kannur.It telecasts variety of social and cultural programs.When compared with other channels , our channel stands first in Digital Broadcasting in Kerala whereas second in South India.It consists of 60 channels in Analog Broadcasting and 150 channels in Digital Broadcasting.Citi Channel comprises of Citi Gold,Citi Juke, Citi Gold.It telecasts live news programs.Citi Juke functions without any anchors ,viewers can call through phone and select a song of their choice and listen to it.

Our channel telecasts live news programs daily at 2pm,5pm,9.30pm,11.00pm .Public can call through phone and tell their complaints and needs to the Panchayath President ,this program s known as " Parathipetty ".We provide various other entertainment programs also like Kids Time, Quiz programme,Sarga Sangamam,Orma,Citi Talkies,Magic 4 u as well as new Songs will be telecasted through New Hits.All these programs are very much fond of our viewers.

There are more than 50 cable operators in Kannur district,Citi channel is one among them.There will be general meeting in every 2 years among all the cable tv operators.Citi Channel is operated by a commity of 55 members .